20 September 2013

SEO Rules : How to write The perfect Post Title

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Ever wondered what the word SEO means ? Well "SEO" is what made Mashable popular.

it means 'Search Engine Optimization' : what is the first thing you See when You Search "Iphone 5s"
ofcource it's gonna be showing you many results but usually people enter the website that is on top of the list, why the hell is it on top of the list? , not because it's a popular site or that people share their posts, it's because they've written a full SEO respective words.

first and most important rule to get your post on google, bing, yahoo....
is to write a 'killer' post title or header, "other SEO rules well be mentioned in the upcoming posts

Stay Tuned" 

Killer Post Title rules :

1. the ' : ' is the key factor.

2. 5 top celebs instead of top 5 celebs

3. start with a factor of the post : for example look at this post's title : SEO rules,

4. Blog Traffic : how to drive people to your site instead of how to drive people to your website.

5. include phrases that people will mostly search :
   geek population is taken only 1 out of 3 people so :

a geek would probably search for : iPhone 5c specs, Stability, Ram.
while a normal person in case       : Iphone 5C features, ios 7, new colors.

so what your focusing on is normal people.
some idiot would probably ruin his site by putting too much ads.

  Geek reflex : he would absolutely go out of yours and find another site.
normal reflex : he would stay cuz he's puts he's focus  point on the subject and don't care about ads.

6. "how to" is also an effective and  great word to start with

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